We could tell you that when our founder, Cyriac Thomas started Umami Brew in his home kitchen, he knew exactly what he was doing and how far he would run with it. But we’d be lying. 

So here’s the real story.

Tinkering around with his newfound passion of traditionally brewed, small-batch kombucha, our founder, Cyriac Thomas began experimenting with flavours to create a perfectly balanced drink that was low in sugar and suited to the Indian palate.  

Friends and family loved the drinks he was belting out and word got around town. Several chefs and restaurants too, jumped at this new, healthy addition to their menus and requests started pouring in for weekly fixes of their new favourite booch. Soon, Cyriac had to make a choice - trust his gut and expand operations. Or sit tight and nevermind. 

 Today, Umami Brew has organically grown to become one of India’s leading Kombucha brands. In 2020, we set up a dedicated kombucha brewery - a first of its kind in India! The brewery is located in an organic farm, where we also source most of the ingredients that go into our kombucha. 

From the start, we have been firm believers in the idea of transparency, symbiosis and collaboration, and are always open to sharing our learnings to allow collective social growth. In the same spirit, we regularly conduct brewery tours to show how we make our kombucha. Moreover, for our patrons who like to be hands-on, we also provide DIY kits with all the necessary ingredients and material to start making your own kombucha at home. Umami Brew regularly collaborates with other local, homegrown brands to co-create a variety of products made out of kombucha like soaps, sourdough breads and more.